Sustainable Forestry Industry

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Parton Poplar Bark Siding


Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Environmentally Aware

Parton Bark Siding is proud to have the third-party of SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) auditing and certifying our logging practices.  Not only are our logs certified SFI, but also the bark we peel also comes from these certified logs.  In these days of environmental consciousness, Parton Bark Siding also feels the need to be sure that the bark siding we harvest is from sound harvesting practices.

In fact, in the year 2008, Parton Lumber Co. planted over 131,000 trees, and the company plans to exceed that amount more in the coming years. We take the steps necessary to sustain our logging sites so we can continue to bring you the best in lumber and poplar bark siding shingles.

The SFI audit program is a rigorous test of any forest product producer's procurement practices.  Much more can be read about the requirements of the SFI program at  We take great pride in our logging and bark procurement practices knowing that we do the necessary things to be sure that our harvesting activities are sound and environmental friendly.

Many bark harvesters and bark siding manufacturers are not SFI Certified and have not been through rigorous audits. Before buying your bark siding be sure it comes with an environmental conscious source, such as Parton Lumber.