Bark Siding Specifications

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Parton Poplar Bark Siding


Only suitable bark becomes a final shingle - bark shingles must have pronounced ridges, be free of dirt, and contain no visual defects. Bark shingles that are flaky, dirty, marred, or have flat ridges are rejected. Fauna that grows naturally on the bark is desirable and provides an even more natural appearance to the poplar bark shingles.

Premium Grade Thickness
Bark shingles' thickness ranges between 5/8" - 1 3/8"; shingles outside this range are generally rejected. Our poplar bark shingles are solid and sturdy.

Indoor Grade Thickness
Bark indoor grade shingles ranges between 1/4" - 9/16", these types of shingles are only suitable for indoor use.

Poplar bark shingles are cut 13", 18" & 24" high by 4"-18" wide (random width). The bark shingles can be recut to suit further building needs.

Moisture Content
The moisture content of our shingles ranges between 8-12%. Our shingles are also stored in a climate controlled building to prevent curling.