Bark Biology

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Parton Poplar Bark Siding

The Biology of Bark

The wise Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said, "Silence is a source of great strength" - at Parton Bark Siding, we can attest to this truth. While the poplar trees we source our premium poplar bark siding from may not have much to say, their tall, strong, and resilient nature speaks volumes. Just what is it that makes poplar bark so strong? Perhaps the answer lies within their biological composition.

In the same way that a tree can live for hundreds of years protected by a rough, bark ‘epidermis', Parton bark siding can provide the same protection for your home. Our bark siding and shingles are capable of withstanding over 50 years of weathering, without the need for sealants or chemical protection. Biologically speaking, bark is the outer layer of tissues that cover the stems of woody plants. The strength of bark stems from this outermost layer which is made of inelastic and waterproof cork cells that protect the inner tissue, or phloem. Produced by the vascular cambium, this tissue is vital to the strength and survival of the tree. The phloem, also known as the bast, distributes the sap nourishments downwards from the leaves to the xylem, or the wood of the tree. Bark Anatomy

The inner cells of the tree are protected by the outer air-filled layer, the tree bark. Rapid temperature changes, wind, and rain are obstructed by the waterproof bark, which protects the tree and provides an excellent choice for siding. When properly installed, Parton's poplar bark siding acts as a water-resistant barrier. The natural durability and resistance of bark helps to shield against weather, pests, and other damaging forces. 

With the ‘biology of bark' working in your favor, it's easy to see why poplar bark siding is such a fantastic alternative siding for homes, businesses, and other structures. Not only does it keep the elements out, it also provides additional insulation to help lower energy costs and contribute to a comfortable interior environment. Parton Bark Siding provides customers a time-tested, ‘mother nature approved', bark cladding material - ensuring you get the most bang for your bark!