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Parton Poplar Bark Siding

Commitment to Quality

Parton Bark Siding is built upon a strong family heritage. The founder and bedrock of the company was the late Verno Parton, a great man who taught his three sons to be strong leaders in the business. The three brothers carried on his vision of producing the finest wood products in the southeast.

Since its founding, the sole-commitment of Parton Lumber and its owners has been to produce quality products and further the growth of the company.  Now run by its third generation of Partons, the lessons and experiences carried on from the past have helped Parton Lumber become more keenly aware of the needs of the industry. All aspects of company management are taken very seriously as a new generation continues to build upon the hard work of  their predecessors. The Partons realize they have a great heritage to follow and a family tradition to maintain - not just a business.

Parton Lumber’s Poplar Bark shingles are encompassed in this commitment to quality. Generations of heritage shine through in every aspect of its production. The founder of the company would expect no less than the very finest bark shingles - and his dedication continues to be reflected in all of Parton Lumber’s products and manufacturing practices.

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