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Parton Bark Siding featured in Building Products Digest


Parton Bark Siding is proud to be highlighted in the January 2011 edition of Building Products Digest. Our rustic and resilient bark siding was noticed by BPD’s writers, and they contacted us in December to do an interview with our very own Patrick Parton. BPD is a national magazine targeted toward manufacturers, distributors, and contractors in the building industry.

In the article, entitledBark hopes to take a bite out of siding market, Mr. Parton answered questions about why naturally weather-resilient bark siding is making such a comeback. Bark siding is not a new trend, but has been around for over 500 years, as BPD notes. North American Indians were the first to set this bark siding trend into motion, but it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that bark siding hit the mainstream.This trend faded with the loss of the American Chestnut tree. Now, utilizing the abundant Yellow Tulip Poplar, bark siding has reemerged!

BPD noted that Parton Lumber Co. is just one of a handful of bark siding manufacturers in this specialized(and growing) market. When asked about the prospects of growth beyond the Appalachian region for poplar bark siding, Parton was optimistic.The beauty, versatility, and sustainability of the material makes it ideal for both commercial and residential applications - nationwide.

Parton Lumber wants to thank Building Products Digest for including poplar bark siding in their January issue. We are proud that our quality bark cladding product has garnished national attention. To read the full articlefrom Building Products Digest, download the PDF on this page, or visit their web site at