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When to Replace your Vinyl Siding with Bark Shingles

Replace Vinyl Siding with Bark SidingSiding acts as the ‘skin’ of your house. When siding becomes cracked, it’s very important that the problem be addressed immediately, or a simple crack may develop into a deeper problem. Water damage, mold problems, and rodent and pest infestations are just a few of the many contributors to the deterioration of siding. Many people don’t realize the pitfalls of vinyl siding, until it’s too late. Replacing old siding with bark may be just what’s needed to reinvigorate a home’s exterior, and save you money in the long run.

Any of the following are indicators that it’s time to replace yourdamaged vinyl siding with Parton’s bark siding. As time passes, vinyl siding (which is essentially plastic) will begin to crack, bend, and possibly melt from heat sources caused by weather conditions or even a grill. Direct sunlight does not bend, deteriorate or fade our bark siding. In addition, our bark siding increases the value of homes, while vinyl sidingcan actually decrease the value of a home, especially in a historic neighborhood.

Cracks in your vinyl siding are bad signs. Wind-blown or dripping water will seep into these cracks causing structural damage, mold and rotting to begin.Water damage can also cause your wallpaper to crack or peel. Extensive water damage will rot your wallsand may invite termites or pestinfestations, especially where mulch is positioned close to your home. More brittle vinyl siding is easily damaged from weak forces such as accidentally kicking a stone into a panel.In comparison, bark siding is waterproof and extremely durable, with a lifespan of around 50 years.

Wind is a large factor in the disappearance or destruction of vinyl siding. Strong winds can easily get underneath and tear the panels clean off the wall. Our thick,premium grade bark siding is strong enough thatit can withstand higher winds than most sidings. Strong hail and windblown debris will not dent or puncture your bark siding like it does when it comes into contact with vinyl siding.

The chemicals used to make vinyl siding make them extremely toxic when exposed to fire. The material used to produce vinyl siding, a plastic resin called PVC or polyvinyl chloride, is believed to cause cancer. Scientists believe that the manufacture and disposal of vinyl is hazardous to our health and to the environment. Bark siding, on the other hand, is natural and chemical-free.

Think it’s time to consider bark shingles instead of vinyl? Contact Parton Bark Siding for a bark siding quote and see the difference in resilience, quality, and beauty it can make to your home!