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Our Bark Siding Thickness Standard Increases


Poplar Bark Siding is mainly used as an exterior cladding for houses. This means that the bark siding will take weather abuse. Rain and wind are the main elements that affect the bark siding. To counter weathering, the bark needs to be at least a certain thickness to withstand the forces over time. Here at Bark Siding by Parton Lumber, we have decided to increase our minimum thickness standard from 9/16" to 5/8". This insures that all pieces of poplar bark shingles will be "chunky". This extra sixteenth of an inch we feel is needed to insure that "thin" bark is not used on the exterior of a house.

All older stock has been gone through so that no pieces below 5/8" are present. These thinner pieces have now become "interior grade" stock. And all new pieces cut for outdoor grade stock are now at least 5/8 inch thick.

Bark Siding by Parton Lumber wants to insure that you have the highest quality in bark cladding. With this increased thickness standard, we further our goal of bringing you the finest in bark shingles.