Bark Siding Installation Process

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Parton Poplar Bark Siding

Installing Poplar Bark Siding

installing bark siding installing parton bark shingles

Installing Poplar Bark Siding

Below is a list of guidelines to follow when installing Parton Lumber’s Poplar Bark Siding:

  1. The house should be covered in housewrap.
  2. Install narrow 1/2 - 3/4 inch thick "kickout" strip at bottom of wall and work upwards.
  3. Use chalk line to determine rows.
  4. Roofing underlayer should be inserted between the rows of bark siding (see zoom pic).
  5. Either wood screws, pallet nails, spiral nails, or ring shanked nails should be used to secure the bark cladding to the plywood.
  6. Fasteners need to be inserted every 2 inches at the top and bottom edges of the bark siding.
  7. It is best to measure the complete height of the wall to determine the overlap needed to make top and bottom rows appear even.
  8. For the best look on corners, an alternating overlap is needed.  Work toward a corner from both walls (see Home Portfolio page for corner picture).
  9. Last but not least, a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable builder should oversee the installation process.

Customers are welcome and encouraged to contact us so we can help guide them through the installation process, and answer any questions that may arise.