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Parton Lumber Company, a third generation business owned and operated by the Parton family in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, has maintained a record of consistency in both its standards of excellence and continued prosperity since its founding in 1949.  With over half a century of experience, Parton Lumber has established a reputation as a respected leader in the industry. Relying on years of accumulated knowledge and expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated work force, Parton Lumber manufactures quality and dependable wood products; including our high quality poplar bark siding.

As a company that values sustainable progress, Parton Lumber strives to develop ways to maximize yield of resources so that waste is kept to a minimum. Everything is used in our facility; from the logs that are sawn using band mills that create very little waste, to slabs that are chipped for the paper industry, and even sawdust fuels that help burn our efficient boilers. Planer shavings are accumulated and marketed. Bark is ground into mulch for landscape businesses. And with poplar bark, another eco-friendly commodity can be made: Poplar Bark Siding for homes and buildings.


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Inspired by this traditional rural and mountain home bark cladding, Parton Lumber now manufactures poplar bark siding with the same knowledge and care that goes into its other fine forest products. A once lost and forgotten exterior/interior covering, poplar bark siding is now making a comeback, and Parton Lumber is on the front lines of its renewed production.

Our company will continue to seek out ways to provide satisfying forest products while maintaining the integrity of the environment. With Parton Lumber and our poplar bark shingles, you can rest assured that impact upon the environment will remain minimal while our quality wood commodities remain superb. Experience the difference that Parton Lumber bark siding makes on your home – and your habitat.