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Parton Poplar Bark Siding

Bark Siding and Bark Shingles

Bark siding by Parton Lumber is harvested (sustainably) in North Carolina and is a great alternative to synthetic home sidings. Bark siding is the ultimate renewable siding and has many benefits over traditional siding. Consider bark siding for your next home or office renovation, remember bark can be used inside as an accent as well as outside for protection.

Parton Bark Siding

Premium Poplar Bark Siding from the Appalachian Mountains

Poplar Bark Siding by Parton Lumber is a unique and natural alternative to other common, outdated or synthetic home sidings. Whether you want your house to stand out from other homes or to blend more seamlessly into its surroundings, Poplar Bark Siding provides unrivaled elegance, style, durability, and a rustic charm that is all its own. Homes can be fully clad with bark siding, or it can be added as a one of a kind accent to your house - even on the inside!

Premium Grade Bark SidingIndoor Grade Bark Siding

Poplar bark siding is extremely resilient, beautiful, and natural. It is also a very eco-friendly choice for siding, because all of the tree (one of our few renewable resources) can be used. When you choose poplar bark shingles, you are choosing a resource that in many other cases goes to waste when trees are harvested. While some lumber companies may consider it useless, Parton Lumber prefers to give our Poplar Bark a second life as an exquisite and useful siding for homes. In longevity, no other product can compare - Parton's durable and impervious Bark cladding can last up to 50+ years, making it one of the best choices for home cladding. Request a free sample today, and experience the difference of Parton Poplar Bark Siding.

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